Advisory council

The Coast Guard's Advisory Council exercises transparency in operations and advises the Director. The Advisory Council is appointed by the government and has no decision-making powers. The Director General is the Chairman of the Advisory Council and keeps the Council informed of activities.

The Council's other members 2015-2016 are:

  • Therese Mattsson, Director General, Swedish Customs
  • Helena Lindberg, Director General, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
  • Ingemar Berglund, Acting Director, Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management
  • Ann-Catrine Zetterdahl, Director General, Swedish Maritime Administration
  • Peter Sand Wall, Director General, Swedish Armed Forces
  • Mats Löfving, Head of National Operations Division, Swedish Police
  • Rolf Westerström, CEO Swedish Sea Rescue Society
  • Peter Jeppsson, Member of Swedish Riksdag (S)
  • Lena Asplund, Member of Swedish Riksdag (M)