Operations Department

The Operations Department is responsible for the production of coastguard operations. The purpose of the operational department is thus to use the authority's ability to plan, direct, implement and follow up the operational coastal surveillance operations at sea, in the air and on land and to handle the legal and other matters that the outcome of the operational activities can give rise to.

The department is also responsible for coastal and air coast stations.

The operational department is to ensure that good staff preparedness is maintained in the Coast Guard - to fulfill international commitments on preparedness for collaboration and management, and to meet the additional requirements for availability that are placed on the Coast Guard's 24-hour operations.

The head of the operational department is Johan Norrman.

The Operations Department has the following units:
The coastal station unit including the coastal stations
The flight unit including the flight coast station
command unit
Criminal Investigation unit
Registry unit
Operational planning unit
Planning and follow-up section
Operational emergency services section
Operational maritime surveillance section
intelligence Section