About cooperation

Working towards ensuring cleaner and safer seas is a demanding task that requires international and national cooperation. The sea is everyone's concern, and the Swedish Coast Guard works very closely with other government agencies, organisations and countries.

National cooperation

The Swedish Coast Guard works in close cooperation with the Police, Customs and the Swedish Transport Agency. On behalf of other government agencies, the Swedish Coast Guard also provides divers to help search for missing persons and lost evidence. The divers also inspect the seabed following accidents at sea. We perform air observations and take aerial photographs that can be used during search and rescue and in a range of other investigations.

International cooperation

The Swedish Coast Guard also works closely with other countries and international organisations to develop border protection, combat crime and protect the environment. The Swedish Coast Guard cooperates extensively with the Baltic countries in the Helsinki Commission, with the North Sea countries in the Bonn Agreement and with the Nordic countries in the Copenhagen Agreement.


The Swedish Coast Guard regularly participates in international border control operations within Frontex, which is the organisation that promotes operational cooperation at the EU's external borders.


The Baltic Sea Region Border Control Cooperation (BSRBCC) initiative is a partnership between the Baltic Sea countries, Norway and Iceland. The initiative aims to simplify procedures for cooperating in relation to border control between the countries.


The North Atlantic Coast Guard Forum (NACGF) is a partnership between 18 coast guard organisations from countries around the North Atlantic and Baltic Sea which work towards the creation of effective cross-border cooperation in areas such as drug trafficking, illegal migration, environmental protection, fisheries monitoring, maritime safety, and search and rescue.