Photo: Kustbevakningen

Big Oil Response Exercise in Sweden Next Week

One of the largest oil response exercises is taking place in Karlskrona, southern Sweden, next week. The Balex Delta will gather an important part of the rescue fleet in the Baltic Sea. In all, 550 people and 20 vessels and aircraft will take part in the exercise.

A large oil spill in the Baltic Sea will reach the coasts of a number of countries. Hence, readiness and preparations are essential to be able to handle an unwanted scenario.

– Oil doesn't care about nations' borders. International cooperation is crucial, says Therese Larsson, Balex Delta Project Manager at The Swedish Coast Guard.

The Balex Delta is an annual oil response exercise under the framework of the Helsinki Convention, HELCOM. Benefitting from special funding from the EU totalling to EUR 950 000, this year's exercise is much larger than in previous years. The BALEX DELTA 2018 exercise will mobilize about 500 personnel from eight countries plus the EU. 18 maritime vessels, one aircraft, one helicopter and various clean-up tools will be deployed.

Open Ship on Monday in Handelshamnen

The public is welcome to visit the vessels taking part in the exercise. On Monday, 5-6 pm, the vessels, with a few exceptions, are open. Welcome aboard!

More information about HELCOM and the Balex Delta exercise are to be found on the respective web pages.