Look after yourself at sea this Midsummer!

With perhaps the most wonderful time of the year ahead of us, lots of people are planning to celebrate out on the water. But when you’re packing your strawberries and herring, don’t forget to make room in your picnic basket for a conscious approach to maritime safety.

If you can raise the alarm, you can be saved

In Sweden, around 20 people lose their lives every year due to drowning in accidents involving pleasure boats. A life jacket that meets your needs precisely is by far the most important thing to have, but there are other things to consider as well. Keep yourself and others safe at sea by ensuring these brief points are top of mind:  

  • Use a waterproof mobile phone case
  • Always wear a life jacket
  • Never sail alone
  • If there is an accident, call 112

Many people who lose their lives at sea are under the influence of alcohol, so look after yourself and others by staying sober at sea.

How quickly can you travel and still be safe?

There are often no speed limits on open waters, but boat operators must always demonstrate good seamanship and adapt their speed to the circumstances.

There may be speed limits at harbour entrances or narrow passages, for example, to improve safety, and protect wildlife, the environment and your fellow sailors. If so, these are displayed on boards showing the maximum permissible speed.

We can create a safe and sustainable marine environment for all – together. Happy Midsummer!

Changed 29 April 2024 16:19