Safety at sea

The Swedish Coast Guard is working to improve safety at sea. Our operations are designed to protect people from accidents and prevent or limit damage to property and the environment. Our constant readiness to undertake sea rescue helps to promote the feeling of well-being for people at sea.

Surveillance and monitoring of marine traffic

Through surveillance and monitoring of marine traffic, we ensure that the navigational code is observed. We also ensure that the provisions for closed water areas are complied with. To reduce the number of accidents at sea, the Swedish Coast Guard is stepping up surveillance along the coasts and in the archipelagos over the summer months. Efforts are being directed primarily at drunkenness, speed violations and negligence at sea. Where someone is suspected of drunkenness, for example, the Swedish Coast Guard has the power to initiate a preliminary investigation, hold hearings, arrest the person in question and make a search on board.

Cargo loading, securement and labelling inspections

To minimise any risks associated with freight transport, the Swedish Coast Guard inspects that the cargo is properly loaded, secured and labelled correctly in ports around the country. This is particularly important for the transport of hazardous goods. The Swedish Coast Guard has the authority to stop vehicles and cargo carriers to inspect, issue injunctions or prohibitions and to stop shipments. This work also includes carrying out drink driving checks.

 Fight against cross-border crime

The Swedish Coast Guard oversees, and is responsible for, border control at sea, and together with the Police, Customs and other countries helps to fight cross-border crime. We have an important role in the international partnership in the fight against serious organised crime, such as large-scale smuggling. The Swedish Coast Guard is responsible for goods inspection at sea, and works with customs, police and prosecutors to reduce crime and prevent smuggling.