About our technology

The ability to ensure rapid and effective emergency responses is essential for the Swedish Coast Guard. For this reason, we have a large fleet of vessels and three advanced surveillance aircraft. The technology consistently evolves, which allows us to work towards ensuring cleaner and safer seas in the best possible way.

Vessels and boats

The vessels and their equipment are important tools for the Swedish Coast Guard. They are continuously updated with modern technology to ensure the best possible operational capacity for maritime surveillance and environmental protection at sea.
The Swedish Coast Guard's fleet of vessels includes surveillance vessels, multi-purpose vessels, environmental protection vessels and hovercraft. The Swedish Coast Guard also uses high-speed boats, inflatable rescue boats, working boats, beach cleaners and jet-skis.
On the larger vessels the crews have access to integrated radar and nautical chart systems. Even the smaller boats and jet-skis are fitted with nautical chart plotters, GPS and related equipment. Most boats are fitted with AIS (Automatic Identification System). To facilitate searches, environmental rescue and maritime surveillance systems are also used such as infrared cameras, video cameras, night vision binoculars, oil radar, underwater cameras, sonar and echo depth sounders.


Swedish Coast Guard aircraft, which are called Dash 8 Q-300, are among the world's most advanced surveillance aircraft. They are not only used for surveillance and reconnaissance along the Swedish coastline, but are also engaged in a range of international missions.