Photo: Kustbevakningen

Surveillance Equipment

Radar ELTA EL / M 2022 A

Detects and plots vessel eels up to 200 nautical miles, depending on flight altitude. Radar goals are automatically presented in a tactical plot.

IR / UV scanner Argon AA 3503

IR and UV sensors (infrared and ultraviolet) are used to verify, document and calculate e.g. an oil spill.

Electro-optic Wescam MX 15

There are three cameras in the radion below the body: three-dimensional daylight video camera, infrared zoom video camera, long-distance video camera with fixed zoom (color and black and white), and laser illumination that enables detection in darkness.

Digital camcorder Canon XL2S

Handheld camcorder.

Digital Still Camera Canon EOS 1DX

SLR camera.

Radio DF 430

Radio signal to search for emergency transmitters.

Side radar radar (SLAR)

Sidebar radar for detection and documentation of Oil emissions of up to 40 km distances on either side of the aircraft.

Automatic Identification System (AIS)

Shows the ship's name, call signal, ship type, course and speed, and more in the tactical plot.

Tactical plots with map and charts

Integrates all of the above-mentioned sensors and documents all collected data.


  • UHF and Rakel radio for communication with own devices, emergency services, police, customs and ambulances.
  • Marine VHF for communication with shipping.
  • Mobile and satellite phone for calls and data transfer.
  • Short-wave radio and voice