Photo: Kustbevakningen

Technical data KBV 501-503

aircraft Specifications

• Length: 25.7m
• Wings width: 27.4 m
• Height: 7.5 m
• Engines: Two Pratt & Whitney Canada
• PW123 turboprop engines of each 2,500 hp
• Four-leaf propellers
• Power supply for power supply on ground
• jetliner
• Noise and Vibration Suppression System (ANVS) System
• Max Speed: 243 Button IAS (Indicated Air Speed)
• Maximum starting weight (MTOW): 19 505 kg
• Maximum fuel capacity: 4 420 kg

cockpit Equipment

• Navigation computer: Two UNS 1-F Flight Systems (FMS) systems
• Collision warning system: TCAS II, ACAS II
• Terrain warning system (EGPWS).
• Digital Map System: Moving Map
• Prepared for Automatic Surveillance System (ADS) for the North Atlantic Region
• Weather Radar
• VHF / UHF / RF broadband band for voice communication

Cabin Equipment

• Three identical operator sites provide great flexibility. The third operator site can be utilized by any observers, rescue leader, coordinator and internship.
• Two observation sites with large windows for visual viewing.
• In addition to normal occupancy of four persons, seating for seven passengers
• Kitchenette
• Door opener and folders for lifeguards
• Equipment for folding sampling bowls, light torches, etc.
• Loading space