Customized Web

The Swedish Riksdag has decided that all agencies should set an example by ensuring that people with disabilities are afforded full participation in society. This means that people with disabilities of various kinds are to have the opportunity to assimilate information found on government agency websites.

In what way is the Coast Guard's website accessible?

  • Zoom control allows text size to be increased or decreased.
  • It is possible to navigate around the site by simply using the tab key.
  • Documents and links have descriptive alternative texts.
  • There are no flashing images or figures.
  • The website also works without JavaScript.

Change Text Size

The text size in most modern browsers can be changed by holding down the Ctrl key and spinning the mouse wheel. More ways to change the text size can be found in your browser's menu. In Internet Explorer, for example, go to View and select Text Size.


It is also possible to have the Coast Guard's website read aloud. Click Listen in the header if you want to listen to the site's content.