Ship fire outside Vinga

Photo: The Swedish Coast Guard

The Swedish Coast Guard has an overall responsibility for the exercise of authority at sea, where we use the ships, materials and expertise required by our duties as an emergency service. We also work with and for other government agencies and organisations. 

  • We carry out fishing inspections at sea in close cooperation with
    the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management.
  • We cooperate with the Swedish Police to prevent and investigate
    crime, not least concerning fishing, maritime traffic surveillance, and
    environmental protection.
  • We participate in search and rescue missions to save human lives,
    prevent injuries, increase maritime safety and reduce the impact to
    property and the environment in cooperation with bodies such as the
    Swedish Maritime Administration and the Swedish Sea Rescue Society.
  • We contribute to border control of maritime traffic in cooperation
    with the Police and Swedish Customs.
  • We coordinate civilian needs for maritime surveillance and disseminate
    maritime information, and carry out the day-to-day maritime
    surveillance for many government agencies such as the Police and
    Swedish Customs.