The Director General answers to the Government for the Swedish Coast Guards functions, and is to ensure;

  • That the functions covered by the Swedish Coast Guard are efficiently performed, legally sustainable and in accordance with the Swedish membership of the European Union.
  • That the activities covered by the Swedish Coast Guard are reliably and fairly accounted for.
  • The authority uses state funding correctly, and gives good value for the taxpayer’s money.

The Director General is also ultimately responsible for the Swedish Coast Guard assets, accordingly the operational activities connected to the Swedish Coast Guard vessels and aircraft.

The Deputy Director General enters and takes over the responsibility of the functions above when the Director General is off duty, or if the Director General so decides. The Deputy Director General is at other times to the Director Generals disposal within specific areas of the Coast Guards assignments.

The Management Group

Apart from the Director General’s office there is a management group, which is led by the Director General, who also is the Chairman of the group. The delegates are the Deputy Director General, and the Heads of the six Coast Guard departments. Other delegates can be summoned to the meetings if decided so by the Director General. The management group deals with fundamental and strategic issues within governance and management, follow-ups and evaluations, development issues connected to the Coast Guards assignments. This approach is to ensure that the work done within the authority is performed in the most efficient way, and in accordance to rules and legislation.


Therese Mattsson

Director General

Switchboard: +46 776-70 70 00


Anders Kjaersgaard

Deputy Director General

Switchboard: +46 776-70 70 00