Marine Scientific Research

The Swedish Coast Guard is the government agency tasked with granting permission to undertake marine scientific research (MSR) in the Swedish Economic Zone. Permission must also be obtained from Swedish Armed Forces if MSR is to be conducted in Swedish Territorial Waters or the need for port visits.

The application consists of several forms depending on where MSR is to be performed.

  1. Form A1 is only an application for MSR.
  2. Form A2 is for diplomatic clearance i.e. if it is planned to enter Swedish territorial waters (0-12 NM) for MSR and/or port visits.
    Form A2 is not needed for applications in case of bad weather as this is not planned.
    Note that the Swedish Coast Guard is in charge of sending Form A2 Application for diplomatic clearance to Swedish Armed Forces.
  3. Excel Form with coordinates for MSR stations, trawling etc.

An application to undertake MSR must be submitted to the Swedish Coast Guard at least six weeks prior to the planned scientific research cruise is scheduled to commence.

If MSR in Swedish waters is e.g. planned to begin on 1 June, a complete application has to be submitted to the SCG by 15 April at the latest.

The application, signed and converted to pdf-format, should be sent together with the separate template Excel MSR coordinates through regular diplomatic channels to: