Successful EU visit on board KBV 002 Triton

On the 26 February the Committee for Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management, CivCom, visited Sweden. A visit to the Swedish Coast Guard and KBV 002 Triton was part of a tight schedule.

With a police escort and three of the Navy's combat vessels the delegates arrived at KBV 002 Triton. The Swedish presidency of the Council of the European Union is the reason for CivCom's visit to Sweden and that the Swedish Coast Guard was part of the schedule. More than 50 delegates from different EU-countries along with representatives from the Government Offices of Sweden were welcomed on-board the vessel in a grey and snowy Stockholm.

- I am very pleased with the visit. It gave us the opportunity to present the Swedish Coast Guard's task, international commitments and our constructive collaboration with the Swedish Navy," says Johan Norrman, Head of the Operations Department.

The Swedish Coast Guard and Sweden's presidency of the EU 2023

The Swedish Coast Guard has been given the assignment of supporting the Government Offices of Sweden's work with the EU presidency 2023 as the authority works with crisis preparedness within a range of areas. The Swedish Coast Guard has a larger role in one of the working parties. This is the European Working Party on Maritime Issues which has responsibility for EU’s maritime security strategy.

CivCom is a group that advises the EU Political and Security Committee regarding civilian aspects of crisis management. The aim is to strengthen EU's capacity to deploy and sustain civilian crisis management missions. There are active operations and the EU currently participates in twelve ongoing civilian missions. During the visit the group got to know more about the work undertaken by the Swedish Coast Guard. Patrik Gardesten, Deputy Chief of the Swedish Navy, was present and talked about the Swedish Armed Forces and the Swedish Navy as well as the collaborative work undertaken together with the Swedish Coast Guard and other authorities.

- It is important to create an understanding in Europe for how the Swedish model works. In Sweden collaboration works extremely well. Talking about this is essential from both a national and international perspective. Especially in uncertain times. No individual country in Europe can cope on their own for longer periods in the case of serious incidents or accidents at sea. Collaboration is essential" concludes Johan Norrman, Head of the Operations Department.

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